Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight - Develop and manage your cross-platform applications.

  • Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight - Mobility as a Service. Develop and manage your cross-platform applications

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What is Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight?

Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight is a powerful, cloud-based platform to efficiently build, deploy and manage cross-platform applications that your customers will love. This feature-rich and standard-based mobile middleware system supports web, hybrid as well as native apps and provides integration, authentication, security and management capabilities. Develop and run mobile application for all kinds of smart phones and tablets without the need to convert code or to use proprietary languages. Start instantly without installation as we host the app backend for you in Deutsche Telekom’s secure data centers in Germany.

Key Features

Eclipse based IDE

Develop conveniently! The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is Eclipse-based and makes coding and integration of fully operational applications very pleasant. It supports various mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Java ME, mobile web and desktop environments. 

Powerful Components

Be rapid! Apply ready-to-use runtime client application programming interfaces (APIs) to enhance app security, governance and usability. Leverage both classical components like on-device encryption, offline authentication, runtime skins – only to mention some – and the powerful Developer Garden adapters for communication APIs such as Global SMS and Telekom Tropo.

Graphical Monitoring & Administration

Get insights! The web-based administrative graphical user interface (GUI) supports the ongoing monitoring and administration of the server and its deployed applications, adapters and push notifications. Use the Worklight Console to monitor and manage applications from a central point.

Secure Cloud Services

Scale instantly! The server of Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight works as a security-rich and scalable gateway between mobile applications and your backend services. It offers you – over the cloud – an immediately usable server environment managed by Deutsche Telekom for you. Lower your risks and costs with our flexible pricing model.

Available Adapters

Telekom Tropo API Adapter

Telekom Tropo API

With Telekom Tropo, your application can call and can be called from any phone world-wide. It gives you powerful features such as Text2Speech and Speech2Text, Voice Recognition or Call Recording.

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Download - Telekom Tropo Adapter

Global SMS API Adapter

Global SMS API

Send text messages around the world within any application, without the need of additional hardware. A highly reliable service to enrich your CRM, to implement two-factor authorization, to make surveys and user voting easy, and much more.

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Download - Global SMS API Adapter


  • Save initial expenditures of time and money with our cloud technology
  • Private app store for hassle-free distribution of your internal apps
  • 24/7 uptime for your apps with our management while your team can enjoy normal working hours
  • Scale as your business grows and pay only what you need
  • Leverage advanced features of Deutsche Telekom’s powerful network for your apps

Sample Apps

Get the Developer Garden sample apps! These apps are examples for how to develop mobile applications and how to connect them to the Developer Garden adapters.

  • The WiFi Notifier Project App sends an SMS to a specified recipient whenever the device is inside the range of a WiFi hotspot with a specified SSID for more than 15 seconds.

 Download - WiFi Notifier Project App

  • The Global SMS API Demo-App sends an SMS. The user can specify whether to send a text or flash message- to one or more recipients.

Download - Global SMS API Demo-App

  • The Telekom Tropo API Demo-App displays a list with some possible Tropo features:
    • Call Tropo to hear it ask you a question. Depending on your answer it will either give you a call or send you an SMS.
    • Call Tropo and hear it answer with a predefined message.
    • Ask Tropo to call a specified number and deliver your voice message.
    • Ask Tropo to send your message as a SMS to the specified number.

Download - Telekom Tropo API Demo-App

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"Developer Garden offers with "Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight" more than just a classic mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP). Complemented with useful API adapters and security and monitory solutions it fits perfectly to our PROFI mobile business agenda. PROFI AG is a pioneer in cloud integration and expert in mobile business. Customers of both companies benefit and gain competitive advantage from this expertise."

Manfred Lackner, board member PROFI AG