Code Analyzer - Increase the security of your applications.

  • Developer Garden Code Analyzer - Increase the security of your apps. Load Code, Auto scan, Get results
    Code Analyzer - Increase the security of your applications

What is Code Analyzer?

Developer Garden Code Analyzer is a static code analysis tool that provides an affordable and flexible way to test the security of any software and application. Delivered as a web-based service, it offers immediate availability, automatic scans and accurate results within minutes.

Key Features

Automatic scans

No manual support needed. Scan uncompiled code automatically with our patented virtual compiler. Use any supported language, scan your code at any stage of the project and start immediately.

Secure Code Retention

You have the choice. Host the entire code or simply code fragments on the secure Deutsche Telekom servers, or delete it manually at any time or automatically after 24 hours. You keep the control over your data.

High level of accuracy

Get top results. The Code Analyzer delivers less than 10% false-positive results. Therefore, and to keep your security up-to-date, we are constantly working on extending the catalog of potential vulnerabilities.

Attack Visualization

Get an overview. Save time and effort by using our attack vector and composite vulnerability graph to quickly and easily detect potential security risks. 

Language support

No limitations. Code Analyzer supports a wide range of programming languages, such as: .NET, ASP, VB, JAVA, C/C++, PHP, RUBY, Perl, Java Script.


  • Increase the reliability of your IT by detecting possible security risks before a problem occurs.
  • Raise your customers' trust by establishing a high-standard security environment that protects software against virtual attacks.
  • Simplify your workflow thanks to a scalable web-based solution.
  • Optimize your resources and save money with a continuously updated online service.
  • Amplify your know-how by analysing your code for security issues without needing any security expertise.

Contact and Support

Do you have questions regarding Code Analyzer? Use our contact form and we get in touch with you.

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