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Microsoft Developer Network


The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is
Microsoft’s central hub for the Microsoft developer community.

It offers information, down loads, tools, samples, and knowledge-based information for all Microsoft platforms.

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Developer Garden and Oracle are working together to come up with new solutions for smart and efficient software development that will be announced later this year.

Now theres a Developer Pack by Developer Garden and Oracle including a Raspberry Pi!

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Intel® Developer Services


Intel® Developers Services provides a cross platform Maps API's enabling developers to add maps to their apps and website and to enable other location related functionalities. The API's are in RESTful and JavaScript enabling Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, Mapping, Directions and search for Points of Interest (POI).

All developer services APIs are free for non-commercial use, and allows up to 10,000 API calls a day per account with an aggregate of 200,000 calls per month per account.

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IBM and Developer Garden

M2M Developer Community

The IBM Mobile Foundation helps enterprises, developers and ISVs to efficiently create, integrate and manage enterprise-grade mobile applications.

Additionally, IBM’s industry-leading and award-winning technical resource and professional network for developers, called developerWorks, is considered to play an important role in this context.

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M2M Developer Community

M2M Developer Community

Be connected with your technical devices and systems wherever they are. M2M empowers you to monitor and control your assets at any time.

Entertain's Developer Community


Find information on how to work with Entertain clients for building apps for Deutsche Telekom’s Entertain platform.



hub:raum supports founders via funding,
mentoring, corporate power and expert network. In four ways hub:raum is supporting the start-ups:

They provide funding for the team, they bring people together with hands-on mentors and experts, they offer a place to work and they enable the starters to exploit corporate levers.

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ITENOS SOLIDCLOUD enables you to establish and use virtual IT structures flexibly. Better known as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), ITENOS offers standardised and individual resource models in German data centres – for a quick and secure entry into the Cloud. You can perform the configuration via a simple web interface or you can create new virtual machines via app on the go.

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