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Newsletter (Archive)

Newsletter December 2013

The year is coming to an end? That's no reason to go into hibernation! There is some exciting news waiting to be discovered by you: besides a revamped version of the App Monitor that includes helpful new functions, we have really been working flat out for you shortly before Christmas:
We are therefore very happy about the launch of a new feature in Telekom Tropo, the Telekom Tropo Client. With the new function, Click-to-Call buttons can easily be integrated in the website or application and telephone calls can be initiated via the browser.

With this news, we would like to bid you farewell for 2013 and wish you a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and a happy New Year!
We will see you on the other side. ;-)

Developer Garden Team

Our newsletter topics

  • New in Developer Garden
    • Telekom Tropo Client
    • Product update: App Monitor version 1.9
  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
    • Invitation to the webinar: Deutsche Telekom and IBM – strong together!
    • OOP conference 2014: "Mobile Enterprise" Special Day
    • Save the date: MWC and CeBIT
  • Know how
    • Native vs. web app vs. hybrid: what is the perfect developer strategy?
    • 7 tips to improve security for your app


Newsletter October 2013

Fall is already casting its shadow, but that's no excuse for being lazy. There's plenty to do in the Developer Garden, and on September 24 "Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight" was successfully launched. Our product portfolio now also includes a cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, which enables companies to integrate mobile applications in their everyday working world. In the following newsletter you will find out what other topics that have occupied us in recent times and get the latest news from the development world.

Developer Garden Team

Our newsletter topics

  • New in Developer Garden
    • Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight
  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
    • Upcoming: Mobile2Business, Paris2Berlin Hackathon, WebTechCon and TechCrunch Disrupt Europe
    • Follow-up report: The 24-hour Hackathon with Box
  • Know how
    • Mobile Enterprise Application Platform – The top 5 necessary elements
  • Survey
    • GSMA - Mobile App Developer Survey


Newsletter September 2013

The "Lange Nacht der ..." format is very successful. You will hardly encounter anyone who has never heard of the Night of the Museums or the Night of the Sciences.
The time has finally come for app fans and startup enthusiasts to turn the night into day! We are very much looking forward to the hottest night of the year: The "Lange Nacht der Startups" will take place in Berlin on September 7. Many startups will be taking advantage of this opportunity to present themselves to the public and expand their networks. Your Developer Garden team will be in the thick of things and, together with our partner Box, invites you to take part in the 24-hour hackathon, with many top-notch prizes waiting to be won.

Developer Garden Team

Our newsletter topics

  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
    • Lange Nacht der Startups: 24-hour hackathon
    • MobileTech Conference
    • Mobile2Business Roadshow through Germany
    • Mobile testing at the Eclipse Testing Day
    • That was the Maker Faire: Hanover can host more than just CeBIT

  • Know how
    • 7 rules for better tablet apps
    • Bug-fixing with code analysis


Newsletter June 2013

Security gaps in IT systems are a nightmare for every enterprise and every developer. They are usually expensive to resolve, and they can also seriously damage a company's reputation – that can be a threat to the very existence of startups and small businesses. If a customer is lost to a competitor, it is not easy to regain trust and get that customer back. That's a fact. To proactively prevent security gaps, we are launching a new service known as Code Analyzer.

Just back from this year's Webinale we are looking forward to a number of other exciting events that will take place in June! In this issue we are also offering a number of exclusive discounts to our newsletter readers.

Developer Garden Team

Our newsletter topics

  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
  • New in Developer Garden
    • Code Analyzer – find security gaps in your code!
    • More functions with Global SMS
  • Know-how – 7 secrets for developing successful apps


Newsletter May 2013

It’s a constantly recurring topic and frightens every developer to death: the application or website has been hacked and sensitive information or even customer data have fallen into the hands of the data mafia. And despite the greatest care it happens every day, with even giants of the sector like PlayStation and Sony falling victim to the digital pirates. So what can help and how can you protect yourself? We put ‘Secure Coding’ under the microscope.

At long last: Spring is here – and May is the ideal time to get out of the house and come to the various meetings of the developer scene. We’ve organized some reductions and free tickets for you.

Developer Garden Team

Our newsletter topics

  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
    • Upcoming events
    • Winners of the Telekom & Evernote Hackathon
    • A look back at the Droidcon Hackathon
  • Knowledge
    • How Secure Coding makes the source code and business safer


Newsletter March 2013

The launch is complete: We have set DG App Monitor in motion. How our new tool can simplify your development you can read here. Also in this issue: How to use Telekom Tropo API? We present interesting areas of application.

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin... in April everything here will be about Droidcon Berlin. Besides sponsoring this event, we are also organizing other developer events on the side. This is not just a good opportunity for Android developers to directly talk to us in Germany's capital, but also to rake in great prizes at hackathons. We look forward to seeing you.

Our newsletter topics

  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
  • Telekom & Evernote Hackathon
  • Droidcon Berlin
  • New in Developer Garden: DG App Monitor
  • Telekom Tropo API: areas of application and new features


Developer Garden Newsletter | February 2013

With jQuery Europe Conference, Mobile World Congress and embedded world all set to open their doors in February, the coming month is packed with lots of events on cutting-edge topics in the mobile sector.

And who knows; you might just see something that will provide the inspiration and springboard for your next app.

Our newsletter topics

  • Events - Developer Garden in action!
  • “Write less, do more” - jQuery Europe Conference
  • M-Days Recap: “It’s not just about the mobile OS”
  • Problems with the Android platform?
  • Component Marketplace: Software components of the month
  • Partner-News: Embedded power at embedded world


Developer Garden Newsletter | December 2012

2012 is drawing to a close and the preparations for next year are in full swing. New products and interesting events lie in store for us. And so that you know what awaits you, we'll bring you up to date with our newsletter.

Our newsletter topics

  • Events
  • Developer Garden TechTalk
  • Inside APIs: The voice controlled coffee machine
  • Component Marketplace: Software components of the month
  • Partner-News: The Immo-Finder App in Windows Store


Developer Garden Newsletter | November 2012

There is a breath of fresh air in the world of apps, APIs and software components.
Keep up with the news on Developer Garden and enjoy reading our newsletter.

Our newsletter topics

  • Events
  • Developer Garden TechTalk
  • Inside APIs: Use cases for Telekom Tropo API
  • Component Marketplace: Software components of the month
  • Partner news: Cows can text with M2M

Developer Garden Newsletter | August 2012

The new Developer Garden

Last month, we launched our new Developer Garden You can find videos of our launch event in our blog.

The new Developer Garden Component Marketplace

Over 1,400 top-quality software components can already be found in our marketplace which you can use to expand your applications with new functionalities and reduce development work at the same time.

Telekom Tropo API

With the new Telekom Tropo API, you can create a wide variety of communication applications – as easy as with Lego building blocks: interactive voice response systems (IVR), voice recognition (ASR), text-to-speech applications (TTS), text messages, phone conferences and call recording.

Our new Business Partners

We are now working closely with Microsoft, Intel and IBM to jointly create components and other attractive offers for developers across the world.

Developer Garden Newsletter | September 2011

1. APIs, Apps and SDKs

  • Integrate ClickandBuy API - Online Payment System into your applications
  • ImmobilienScout 24 API – Advertisements direct from the market leader
  • AutoScout24 API – Requests from all the important European markets

2. Events 2011 – Sessions, free tickets, etc.

  • Mobile DevCon | October 19, 2011, Hamburg
  • Developer Garden TechTalk Premiere: GPU Computing | October 4, 2011, Berlin
  • Cloud:: Developer Convention | October 13 - 14,2011, Hamburg
  • Web DevCon | October 17 - 18, 2011, Hamburg
  • Velocity Europe | November 8 - 9, 2011, Berlin
  • 2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium | November 10-11, 2011, Berlin

3. Developer survey – Social Media - Blessing or Curse?

Developer Garden Newsletter | December 2010

December 16, 2010
"Don't REST! REST!" Vol. 2 - The REST SDKs are here.
New Developer Garden API: Send MMS Beta
Update: Voice Call 3.0
More payment options: From now on, payment on account
Unify: Developing mobile applications across platforms
Send SMS free of charge from your desktop: Send SMS Windows Sidebar Gadget
Annual review: Developer Garden 2010 in pictures

Developer Garden Newsletter | November 2010

November 25, 2010
App Developer Conference | November 17, 2010 Bonn
TechTalk "Graph databases in the cloud" | November 17, 2010 Darmstadt Rhine/Main BarCamp | November 20 & 21, 2010 Darmstadt
TechTalk "From stack trace to scrum" | November 25, 2010 Darmstadt
Mobile Freidae | November 26, 2010 Berlin
Technology Meets Talent (TMT) | December 6, 2010 Dresden

Developer Garden Newsletter | June 2010

June 22, 2010
The new Developer Garden API: record voice messages and integrate them into apps with Voice Record
The new Conference Call: + performance | – cost
Test Send SMS API for free
New payment method: top up Developer Garden account with ClickandBuy
Survey on future viability of developer portals - take part and win gift vouchers
TechTalk | June 24, 2010 in Darmstadt | Focus: REST

Developer Garden Service Information March 2010

March 30, 2010
Overview of what’s new

Developer Garden Newsletter February 2010

February 4, 2010
The Developer Garden REST interfaces are out
Now available for any service: The Developer Garden Ruby SDK
We’re making you mobile - mobile development in the Developer Garden

Developer Garden Newsletter September 2009

September 8, 2009
Your opinion counts: MMS API for sending images and videos?
New service: New light version of Conference Call
Sub-accounts: Extra flexibility for your account
Use the new Ruby SDK!
Deutsche Telekom developer competition for interactive television launched - EUR 110,000 in prizes and a trip to Las Vegas for the winners!

Developer Garden Newsletter July 2009

July 1, 2009
New APIs: Conference Call and Local Search now ready
New payment method - more flexibility with PayPal
Developer Garden contest: Describe your mashup of the future!
Looking back  - The Developer Garden in Berlin at the IT Profits and MonetisationCamp in Berlin

Developer Garden Newsletter May 2009

May 14, 2009
The Garden season has begun!
New APIs
More options, more impact