TechTalk - Welcome to the future with Microsoft Kinect

Welcome to the future with Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft's Kinect, Nintendo's WiiMote and Sony's Move are pioneers of a new kind of interaction between humans and computers. Gestures and voice commands allow more natural interaction with everyday technology and help overcome inhibitions and barriers. Just like touch screens, optical systems with contactless navigation could soon be part and parcel of our daily lives.

Daniel Meixner, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Deutschland, presents the possibilities of the Microsoft Kinect SDKs and the Kinect hardware. Using practical examples, he goes on to demonstrate what is required to develop dedicated applications, how to get started, and what applications the Kinect is and is not suited for.

Martin Herrmann from TU Dresden gives a brief introduction to the different types of gestures and their importance in interaction between humans and computers. He also presents camera systems (color camera, stereo camera, ToF camera, Kinect) that can be used to record and evaluate user interaction. The integration of Kinect into open frameworks (open source C++ toolkit for creative coding) using the OpenNI open source framework is one example of silhouette-based gesture recognition. The presentation concludes with the results of a workshop on Microsoft Kinect and Surface interfaces and with a live demonstration of a Kinect-based gaming application.The techtalk is targeted at interested software developers and UI designers. The talk will not over-indulge in source codes, and will be held in German.


The event will take place at c-base in Berlin. c-base is located in the heart of Berlin on the banks of the river Spree and is easily accessible (see directions).

You can register by February 22, 2012 at the latest, either informally by sending an email to or via our XING and Facebook events. The event begins at 7 pm. Attendance is free and drinks and snacks are provided.

The facts in brief:
What | TechTalk: Welcome to the future with Microsoft Kinect
When | February 23, 2012, 7 pm (closing date: February 22, 2012)
Where | c-base, Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin (2nd backyard)
How | Presentation, networking & buffet

You will find the video of the talk on our YouTube Channel afterwards.

About the speakers

Daniel Meixner is Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Deutschland. He has experienced his fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly during his longstanding career in software development and is familiar with the industry from many different angles. Most recently, he was a consultant and architect for application lifestyle management solutions in the enterprise environment. 

Martin Herrmann, a media computer science student, has supported a collaborative project in the multi-touch technology area between T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and TU Dresden since 2009. As a participant and tutor of several workshops, which he initiated with students, he deals with gesture recognition, potential deployment scenarios for multi-touch technologies and touch-free interaction, as well as the combination of both concepts.

Info for getting there and parking in Berlin

The event will take place at c-base. c-base is a hackerspace in Berlin, right next to the river Spree, between the Jannowitzbrücke bridge and the Ostbahnhof station.

With a little luck, you may find a parking space right in front of the building. If not, you can use the nearby parking garage next to the Turkish Embassy across the other side of Brückenstraße or leave your car next to Köllnischer Park.

The easiest way to get to c-base using public transport is to take the U8 from the U-Bahnhof station Heinrich-Heine-Str or from the S- and U-Bahnhof station Jannowitzbrücke, just one stop away from Alexanderplatz.

Rungestr. 20
10179 Berlin

c-base on Google Maps:

When approaching from the road, walk through the main entrance and cross to the other side of the courtyard. The entrance is right at the back, looking straight onto the river Spree ;-)

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