Our series of TechTalk events - This time DevOps - November 24, 2011 Berlin

TechTalk: DevOps

DevOps is a movement in IT that has taken on the task of bringing new ways of thinking to the classical areas of development and operations. This presentation provides insight into the new movement and—using real life stories—shows how agile thinking can be extended now that a general awareness of SCRUM is relatively widespread.

Schlomo Schapiro provides an overview of the subject and reports on DevOps successes at ImmobilienScout24. After 2 years of agile thinking in development, it has become clear that the classical division of power (Plan – Build –Run) is no longer viable. Requirements and expectations in both development and operations have changed, necessitating a new form of cooperation.

The presentation is aimed at employees and managers at IT and Web companies interested in agile methods of working together and cross-functional teams. It is less about technical accomplishments (which tend to be used here as illustrative examples) and more about the way the DevOps idea can advance the enterprise, winning over employees within and outside the IT departments.
The presentation will be held in German or English. The participants can choose the language.

The event will take place at c-base in Berlin.c-base is located in the heart of Berlin on the banks of the river Spree and is easily accessible (see directions). You will find the video of the talk on our YouTube Channel afterwards.

Interested colleagues and external guests can register with a formless e-mail to techtalk@remove-this.developergarden.com by November 23, 2011 at the latest. The event begins at 7 pm. Attendance is free and drinks and snacks are provided.

The facts in brief:
What | TechTalk: DevOps
When | November 24, 2011, 7 pm (closing date: November 23, 2011)
Where | c-base, Berlin
How | Presentation, networking & buffet

About the speaker

Schlomo Schapiro works at ImmobilienScout24 as a System Architect and Open Source Evangelist. He supports a wide range of IT operations and development efforts. As System Architect he is often involved with the touching points between operations and development, and has seen DevOps to be an easy-to-understand label for bringing people together on common topics.
ImmobilienScout24 is committed to DevOps, sponsoring several conferences on the subject, such as the DevOpsDays in Goteborg and the Velocity Web Performance und Operations Conference. Schlomo also spoke at the Velocity about the Open source solutions developed using DevOps by ImmobilienScout24 for a continuous delivery platform.

Info for getting there and parking in Berlin

The event will take place at c-base. c-base is a hackerspace in Berlin, right next to the river Spree, between the Jannowitzbrücke bridge and the Ostbahnhof station.

With a little luck, you may find a parking space right in front of the building. If not, you can use the nearby parking garage next to the Turkish Embassy across the other side of Brückenstraße or leave your car next to Köllnischer Park.

The easiest way to get to c-base using public transport is to take the U8 from the U-Bahnhof station Heinrich-Heine-Str or from the S- and U-Bahnhof station Jannowitzbrücke, just one stop away from Alexanderplatz.

Rungestr. 20
10179 Berlin

c-base on Google Maps: http://g.co/maps/7wc6f

When approaching from the road, walk through the main entrance and cross to the other side of the courtyard. The entrance is right at the back, looking straight onto the river Spree ;-)

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