TechTalk - Cloud Computing - February 4, 2010 Darmstadt

Cloud Computing

Everyone’s talking about Cloud Computing. In this TechTalk we take a look behind the scenes of prominent offers and discuss innovation offers and concept requirements for various usage scenarios.

In the first part we open browsers and the development environment for working with Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure. Beyond Hello World examples we take a look in the Elastic Computer Cloud at the use of the Relational Database Service as MySQL server with automated backup and patch management and an elastic load balancer with a variable and load-dependent number of Tomcat instances.

In the Google App Engine we will see a simple Twitter clone and work out an understanding for working with Datastore and the special features of the provided JSP/servlet environment.

In Microsoft Azure we will set up a simple guestbook and intensify the interaction of web and worker role with the interplay with blob, queue and table storage. We will then install a MediaWiki in Microsoft Azure as a PHP application.

The second part will be set up on the practical effects of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) of the first part. Firstly the special features of cloud architectures will be identified and different usage and starter scenarios in cloud computing will be investigated.  The subsequent overview of current offers and developments on the public and private clouds market and a comparison of the arguments for (cost reduction, innovation, flexibility) and against (privacy, reliability, security) cloud computing illustrate the status quo.

We will also take a look at the open source scene for cloud computing with Eucalyptus (Amazon Clone) and AppScale (Google Clone), present some brief architecture outlines and look at how close original and fake are to one another. With a look at possible cultural changes in handling IT governance and IT services, IT products and IT projects, we will then round off the big picture with plenty of material for lively discussions.

The facts in brief:
What |
Cloud Computing
When |
February 4, 2010 | 6 pm
Where | Deutsche Telekom AG, Products & Innovation in Darmstadt
How | With interesting topics for lively exchanges – plus drinks and snacks simply to enjoy

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About the speaker

Lothar Wieske works at DB Systel GmbH as an Enterprise Architect. He has designed and built well-known JavaEE application landscapes as an architect in international projects. As a coach he has also supervised development teams with systematic change methods. His topics include cloud computing, model-driven development, and systemic coaching and agile development.

Info for getting there and parking in Darmstadt

You can use the visitor parking spaces at Products & Innovation. In T-Online-Allee 1 the entrance to the underground car park is at the end of the street (facing south – stay right at entrance), where you can report as a visitor for the TechTalk and use the signposted visitor parking spaces (follow the magenta arrows in the underground car park; then take the elevator to the first floor).
You will be shown the way into the forum at visitor reception.

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