Develop for Entertain, Share your Experience and get Support from the Community

Develop the new generation of TV applications

Welcome to the world of Entertain! Deutsche Telekom's Entertain TV offer features an app portal. If you are an MPF developer you can apply to participate with your app.

Entertain app portal is an attractive platform for interactive TV applications and offers customers added value through Deutsche Telekom's state-of-the-art IPTV platform and high quality TV apps.

Entertain is the triple play product of Deutsche Telekom. It is available via IPTV and SAT transmission with a current customer base of 1.5 mio subscribers.

Entertain offers Germany's most attractive TV content with as many as 150 TV channels, striking pay TV options, huge VoD library and HD packages. Strong complementary services like Program Manager for web and mobile, TimeShift and TV archive complete the Entertain experience for it's customers.

We invite you to submit your TV app ideas. We are especially looking for apps with an outstanding lean back experience. If your app idea matches this requirement, please use the application form to submit it to our Entertain team.

Every app idea that is sent in will be reviewed by our team. You will then get feedback on your app idea. If your app idea fits our TV experience requirements you will get the chance of participating in our App Portal.

Beta Developer Program

If you are interested in developing with the Entertain Set Top Box, feel free to get in touch with us. Please first sign up for Developer Garden and login to be able to apply for the developer program.

How it works

  • You can apply to join our Beta Developer Program for Entertain. If your app idea fits in to our app portfolio, chances are good for becoming a member!
  • Apply for our Beta Developer Program using the link to the left. You will need to provide your contact details and a brief description of your app concept
  • Deutsche Telekom's Entertain team will evaluate your submission and provide you with the NDA that is required to join the Beta Developer Program
  • When you've signed the NDA the Entertain team will set up a call or meeting to discuss your app idea and cooperation options
  • Please note that you need to be a member of Ericsson's (formerly Microsoft's) Mediaroom application developer program. This is vital since it allows you access to Ericssons's Mediaroom Backstage for MPF developer resources (ADK, documentation etc.) and their community
  • Deutsche Telekom's Entertain team will grant you access to our beta Entertain community on Developer Garden where you can download more Entertain specific developer tools