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Create WebRTC Video Conferences with Telekom Tropo

December 02nd, 2014 By:Johann Wiedmeier
Create WebRTC Video Conferences with Telekom Tropo

WebRTC video conferences with dialin via regular phones? It’s possible and takes only a few lines of code! Developer Garden shows how to create WebRTC video conferences and connect them to Telekom Tropo.

CallAll by Telekom

September 15th, 2014
CallAll by Telekom

The easiest way to spontaneously call several people at the same time.

Telekom Tropo in action: Callexa

July 15th, 2014 By:Franziska Fieke, Markus Kölmel
Telekom Tropo in action: Callexa

Interview – We spoke with Markus Kölmel of Callexa, a referral platform for phone consultations with experts from various industries. In this interview, the Managing Director explains how it works.

Developer Garden at the Maker Faire 2014

July 01st, 2014 By:Franziska Fieke
Developer Garden at the Maker Faire 2014

The Maker Faire 2014 will be taking place in Hanover this coming weekend, July 5-6, marking the second year of this successful event. The trade fair for adventuresome hackers and DIY enthusiasts once again invites everyone to its annual event, where visitors young and old can gain inspiration from the newest inventions and talk shop.

TUTUS - Connected Health

May 23rd, 2014 By:Franziska Fieke
TUTUS - Connected Health

Demographic change means that members of an aging society have special needs and demands in their senior years. The TUTUS project focuses attention on this phenomenon and has developed an idea that addresses demographic change in today's population.

Take part in the International “Business Wall of Fame Contest”

May 15th, 2014 By:Deutsche Telekom
Take part in the International “Business Wall of Fame Contest”

Dear app developers & innovators from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – here comes a great chance for you and your team to become national Cloud Partner of Deutsche Telekom and to win amazing prizes.

Worklight: How a MEAP helps with the mobile strategy

April 29th, 2014 By:Stefan von Gagern
Worklight: How a MEAP helps with the mobile corporate strategy

Does your company finally want to develop its own app? Or write uncomplicated platform-independent applications? With its cloud-based platform, "Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight", Developer Garden has the right tool for efficient development, operation, and management of your applications.

Risk management in the company

November 27th, 2013 By:Stefan von Gagern

Where areas of security vulnerability are lurking - and how to prevent disaster

Security risk HTML5 - and countermeasures

November 20th, 2013 By:Stefan von Gagern
Security risk HTML 5 - and countermeasures

HTML5 has completed a triumphant journey on the web in recent years. No wonder: HTML5 opens many cleverly designed options for web applications. Unfortunately, however, it has also opened new back doors for hackers..

Paris to Berlin Hackathon

November 05th, 2013 By:Marco Röder

A mixed crowd of developers, designers and creative thinkers met for a 48-hour hackathon in Berlin on 18th-20th October to create cool applications around joyn, the next-generation communication service currently being introduced around the world. The event was using the same concept as the hackathon hosted by Orange Partner in Paris three weeks ago. Developer Garden and Orange Partner shared a common goal, to make use of network resources...

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