Embedded World: Hardware meets User Experience

Embedded World: Hardware meets User Experience

February 28th, 2013 By: Sascha Wolter, Stefan von Gagern
In Nuremberg, Germany the largest worldwide exhibition and conference for embedded systems took place. Developer Garden showcased M2M live on stage. Developer Evangelist Sascha Wolter tells his impressions.
Embedded World: Hardware meets User Experience

Developer Garden & Cumulocity team
Developer Garden teamed up with Deutsche Telekom and Cumulocity, showing M2M Live-Demos at their booth.

This year’s Embedded World again set the stage for companies to show their innovations and solutions. Developer Garden shared a booth with Deutsche Telekom M2M, to present ideas and scenarios for services and APIs enabling M2M-solutions (Machine to Machine communication).

M2M largely depends on fast and flexible data transmission. Thanks to Telekom, M2M can use the complete range of network technologies, from mobile data like Edge, UMTS to LTE, wired networks like ISDN or DSL and other wireless standards like Bluetooth, RFID to Wi-fi and satellite radio.



The other components, that are getting more and more important, are interaction channels. Many devices, especially in the industry, are missing proper tools for in- and output. Telecommunication services are a great supplement adding real value. Deutsche Telekom is opening its communication services by providing APIs and a sensor cloud to developers via Developer Garden’s M2M Community. The industry can use the tools, to create their own services and application, with the help of their individual ideas and know-how for their business.

Vending machines controlled by apps

Cumulocity VendMe
VendMe’s Website shows the idea and benefits behind VendMe. The app can tell when a machine has to be refilled. (Source: cumulocity.com)

Visitors could see live demos at the booth. Cumulocity VendMe is a cloud-based vending machine that communicates with a smartphone app. The app can show detailed information about the machine’s status.

Deutsche Telekom M2M had various showcases like Arduino-controlled toys in combination with voice dialogue system Telekom Tropo. Besides demos and speakers you could win Raspberry Pis at the booth.

Focus on user experience

Numerous present companies proved user experience to be more important than ever. Chips and circuit boards are the only things dominating the exhibition, but innovative solutions using innovative user interfaces. Microsoft showed an updates version of KITT, the legendary Pontiac from the Nightrider television show on their booth. Experts, such as User Interface Experts UID showed their solutions for consumer and industrial-business.

Wrap-up: M2M on the rise - from hobbyists to industry

Hardware of course is still the focus of Embedded World. Besides industrial solutions you could see also many products of ambitioned developers. And no matter if they are “makers”, hobbyists or inventors: You could see Arduinos and Raspberry Pis everywhere and resulted in many exciting talks about the M2M-world, which no question is on the rise.

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