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  • Telekom Tropo API - Build intelligent voice apps. Use API, User calls your number, Tropo administrates your call

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What is Telekom Tropo API?

Telekom Tropo's powerful cloud-based voice platform makes it easy to build intelligent applications for making, receiving and processing phone calls. Based on robust telco infrastructure there is no need to care for reliability and scalability any longer, Telekom Tropo grows with the demand automatically!

Key Features

Call Management

Easy Call Routing

Receive incoming calls and use Telekom Tropo’s call routing functionality to dispatch calls to the right colleague in the company and setup interactive voice dialogues in a couple few lines of minutes.

Voice recognition


Secure applications and verify user registrations by generating one-time passcodes which are delivered as call using Text-to-speech.

Phono Client

Automate Workflows

Accelerate business processes by integrating Telekom Tropo into an application. Trigger voice calls, collect feedback using IVR and process the results in the business logic.

Play Audio

Track and analyze calls

Use virtual phone numbers to track incoming calls, e.g. to track leads generated through an advertising campaign.


  • Easy to use API - integrate phone calls with a few lines of code
  • Enhance applications with interactive voice dialogues
  • No need to invest in expensive telco hardware
  • Reliable and secure infrastructure provided by Deutsche Telekom
  • Pay as you go - pay only what is needed, no monthly charges, no commitment
  • Free Sandbox environment to test the applications
  • Free Scripting - need for own servers for the applications

All Features at a glance

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Geographical phone numbers for over 50 countries
  • Send text messages 
  • Text-to-Speech supporting 25 languages anddifferent voices
  • Audio playback
  • Voice recognition for 20 languages
  • Telekom Tropo Client - Turning any browser into a phone
  • DTMF recognition 
  • Voice transcription
  • Call recording
  • Conference calling
  • Call routing and forwarding
  • Application Hosting and Scripting 
  • more details ...

Telekom Tropo API Pricelist

Function Price
Using Telekom Tropo Platform 0,03 €/min
Using Telekom Tropo incl. Text-to-Speech & Speech Recognition 0,04 €/min
Make Calls to German Landline free
Make Calls to German Mobile 0,09 €/min
Receive Incoming Calls free
Make Calls from Tropo Client to Tropo Client free
Send Chat Messages using Tropo Client free
Five parallel active Tropo Clients in use free*
Order a Phone Number 6,00 € (once)
Use a Phone Number 3,00 €/month

* if you need more parallel active Tropo Client sessions, please contact us

Easy API

Using Telekom Tropo to include voice calls in applications is quite easy. Basically it needs just these few lines of code to make a phone call to a phone number and to say "Hello Tropo" using the Text-to-speech feature of Telekom Tropo!

$tropo = new Tropo(); 

$tropo->say("Hello Tropo"); 

? >

And this is just the start! Telekom Tropo allows it to easily realise more complex scenarios, for instance a voicemail or even a cloud-based call centre. Check out the documentation for more code examples and tutorials.