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  • Global SMS API- Smart up your apps with SMS. Use API, Your app makes a request, Global SMS sends and receive SMS
    Global SMS API provides reliable services in all aspects of sending text messages

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What is Global SMS API?

The Developer Garden Global SMS API provides reliable services in all aspects of sending and receiving text messages. Rapidly integrated, attractively priced and designed in accordance with GSMA OneAPI v3 industry standards, the API lets you send text messages around the world and enables you to manage all your text messaging conveniently at a single location – within your application and without the need of additional hardware.

Key Features

Sending messages worldwide

Send extra-long messages of up to 765 characters to nearly any mobile recipient worldwide. A single request can reach up to 1,000 recipients simultaneously. You receive a delivery report upon request.

Variety of messages supported

Chinese characters or OTA programming language – Developer Garden Global SMS API supports standard, binary, unicode and flash text messages. This opens up a whole range of new possibilities for you and the recipients of your messages.

Customizable sender ID

Benefit from multiple options to configure your own personal sender ID so recipients of your text message know exactly where it came from. Simply use an own mobile number or an alphanumerical combination such as "DevGarden".

Use cases

  • You can use the Global SMS API to send access information or PIN codes safely and securely to users of your application and prevent unauthorized access to your content by using two-factor authorization.
  • Enrich the possibilities of your CRM system (customer relationship management). Use the Global SMS API to make customer service and data management more efficient by coordinating appointments with your customers directly within the application, for example.
  • Use the Global SMS API in the environment of A2P (application to person) and A2M (application to machine).
  • Write extensions or plug-ins for popular web and desktop applications such as Facebook, or Microsoft.

Global SMS API Pricelist

Function Price
Send SMS to Germany 0,085 €/SMS
Send SMS to the rest of the world 0,115 €/SMS

Differences Between The Sandbox And Production Environments

You can test various functions of the Global SMS API free of charge for as long as you like. No fees are payable until your web application “goes live.” Use of the gratis sandbox environment is subject to the following conditions:

  • The length is restricted to one text message and a pre-defined text ("powered by") is added.
  • A maximum of 10 trial messages can be sent per account and per day.