Developer Garden App Monitor - Boost the quality of your Android Apps.

  • Developer Garden App Monitor - Boost the quality of your Android Apps: Integrate SDK, Monitor Apps, Identify Bugs
    Developer Garden App Monitor - Boost the quality of your Android Apps

What is App Monitor?

Developer Garden App Monitor is a quick and easy way of getting the best out of your native and hybrid Android apps. The service goes beyond the usual crash and bug reports and gives you additional quality measurements and broader analytics of your apps, such as battery usage and response times. Monitor your Android apps during the development phase and after launch and improve the quality of your applications continuously – your users will thank you!

Key Features

Quality test

Quality test

Test the quality of your apps. Response times, battery drainage or memory usage are all factors that make a huge difference to how your apps perform on various devices and operating systems. App Monitor lets you see this impact and optimize your apps.



App Monitor's dashboard presents statistical data, analyses and trends to give you information at a glance of all areas where it has picked up on deficiencies. What is more, every Android device used, along with the version of the operating system it runs, is given an overall quality score.

Crash reports

In addition to quality tests, App Monitor also offers a whole range of standard reports from crashes to known bugs, exceptions, and native crashes. A simple overview of all protocolled errors is displayed on the dashboard.

Version history

Version history

By tracing different app versions, you can directly track the progress of your apps. A direct comparison lets you see whether problems have been resolved or if new deficiencies have arisen.


  • Reduce adaptation costs using App Monitor as a pre- and post launch tool. Identifying malfunctions early in the development phase can save you costly adaptations after launch.
  • Improve the quality of your apps by incorporating technical aspects such as battery depletion or memory usage into the development phase and testing them with App Monitor after launch.
  • Use a quality monitoring tool that is hosted in Germany on Deutsche Telekom’s data centers and that adheres to the highest security standards accepted in Europe and worldwide - certified by TÜV.
  • Identify where your Android apps have deficiencies – irrespective of device or operating system. Implement App Monitor in your Android apps and see how they perform on all devices used by your users.

Contact and Support

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